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For Ella, a young, pig-tailed girl, the world has become a dark and dreary place. Though Ella's world was once full of rainbows and sunshine, Ella's colors have gone missing, courtesy of a grumpy raincloud who revels in Ella's unhappiness. Ella is left feeling a collection of unpleasant emotions that she isn't sure how to handle. Ella’s loyal teddy bear, Patches, devises a plan to send her on a journey of self-discovery to find all of the colors that make Ella's world feel vibrant and bright. Will Patches' plan be enough to shake Ella's grays away, or will the rain cloud obscure Ella's colors forever?

Meet the authors

Beth Bishop

Favorite Color: Pink

Beth Bishop is a second-grade teacher from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania who loves laughing and learning. She is very tall, and no, she does not play basketball. Beth gets sad, angry, and a little cranky at times, but she has a mostly happy life thanks to her family, friends, and silly animals. Beth's favorite color is pink, just like Ella.

Brayden Wilmoth

Favorite Color: Blue

Brayden Wilmoth is a computer programmer, general digital whiz, and the king of the spontaneous dance party. He loves tacos, pizza, and taco pizza. Brayden loves to make others laugh and smile, much like Patches. His favorite color is blue.

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